talked about how hard it is to facilitate discussions in the classrooms these days (AP/ Honors courses aside)

discussion quickly turned to the pain in the neck it is to facilitate what happens in the classroom.

relevance became a quick topic. that's the struggle in any good classroom for facilitating discussions in the classroom.

we feel we are expected to simply tell them what they need to know now.

society is making it even harder because everything is perfect in their little world.
students expect relevance right now and if it's not relevant right now, it's hard to get them to understand and draw on previous knowledge.

Discussions lead to helping to formulate opinions. We need to find ways to get kids to get interested in educational issues.

Clearly taking the top 100 students out of each class causes a problem for facilitating discussions.

had an unusual discussion about individual students.

society is changing a lot and our job is getting more difficult because of the expectations on schools, families, etc.

Relevance is the recurring theme. We need to develop a way to make the curriculum relevant to what is important to the kids and to their lives.

Joel Sullivan
High School Social Studies
Girls Basketball Coach
Ames High School