Behavior: Nature vs Nurture

How can we keep their environment at school safe and keep their mind off their negative environment at home? Intrinsic motivation is key but many of the students have experienced so much failure they find that difficult. We need to supply these students with appropriate coping skills, along with academic skills, and functional skills.

We struggle with the balance of behavior and coping skills on a daily basis when their home life is inconsistent. We will continue to monitor their IEP progress reports and make changes as needed.

May 5th

Behavior : Parental Support / Transitional Concerns

With Spring brings a whole new set of behaviors for our children. The surge of hormones along with the excitement and anxiety of summer, along with lack of structure and discipline outside of school is a concern. Extended or adjusted school year would benefit our students due to the low retention rate we experience each school year. Parental workshops or structured activities throughout the summer would benefit our students as well as their parents with retention skills. Our students suffer with the freedom that they have during the summer months.

May 12th
  1. How have you become a better teacher since the beginning of the year? We have been exposed to numerous teaching styles which we have modified or adapted to meet our students needs.
  2. What would like to keep from PD this year? Collaborative groups
  3. What would you like to see next year from PD? keep is in our departmental groups (collaborative groups)
  4. What questions do you have for QILT and/or what resources you need from QILT. We feel we benefit the most being in our departmental group that we can share ideas and explore what is happening in our classrooms and support one another.