Las Espanolas

April 14th

We are in need of more subject specific information on literacy and are currently searching.

April 21st

We found an article titled Language-Learning Styles and Strategies: Reading for Comprehension that offered many useful reading strategies for students when reading in a foreign language.

Here are some of the strategies the article mentioned:

  • Use of an appropriate level dictionary- Do not overuse the dictionary
  • Decide WHY you need to read the text
  • Skim read before a thorough reading
  • Top-Down and Bottom-up tactics while reading
  • Read between the lines- clues in the reading, context clues
  • Background information first
  • Summarize in target language after reading a few sentences or a paragraph
  • Generate questions and make predictions

We already use some of the suggested strategies in our classes, but this article offered some new ideas that we will be trying.

May 5th

This is an ongoing process. Since our last entry we have been working on presentations in our classes. Spanish 1 students did peer editing with their presentations. Spanish 2 students have been working on the appropriate use of dictionaries as they write presentations. Upper level students have done several reading comprehension exercises in preparation for the AP exam. Some strategies used during AP reading practice were pre-reading the question before reading the article, looking for cognates, using root words to help identify the meaning of new words.

Resources Needed: Reading specialists and/or an early elementary teacher to come and teach us strategies for students who struggle with reading.

May 12th

  1. How have you become a better teacher since the beginning of the year?

We have become more reflective in our teaching styles. Our discussions centered around our need to improve our instruction and how we can better reach ALL students. We feel we haven't had the time to make all of the changes we want to see in our classrooms, but are working to make significant changes for the coming school year.

  1. What would like to keep from PD this year?

We would like to continue having time to meet in our groups and discuss what is going on in our classrooms.

  1. What would you like to see next year from PD?

We feel we could use more resources/guidance/instruction on how to reach all levels and meet the needs of all students in a class period SUCCESSFULLY! This is an area in which we all feel deficient.

  1. What questions do you have for QILT and/or what resources you need from QILT.

Can we combine our group with the French/German group?