April 21, 2010
We think it is important for our students to be in an environment where they are safe and feel as though they can ask questions and be a part of the conversations. For our students, this happens in our enrichment math, science, and reading classes where the materials is very much tailored to them, their way of thinking, and the way they learn best. We are able to do a very good job of giving them wait time and questioning students in order to facilitate and encourage continued thinking and questioning from them. This can be done with all of students, whether they are verbal or nonverbal communicators.

May 5, 2010
We have been trying to incorporate new vocabulary into our daily classes so students feel as though they can adequately make their point or share their ideas within our classroom discussions. New vocabulary can also help facilitate student questioning by stimulating the conversation between students/teachers because students are able to relate their experiences to what they know or don't know (have questions about).

May 12, 2010

1. How have you become a better teacher since the beginning of the year?

We have become better teachers through discussions as a small group and having time to collaborate about what it is important for us to do/learn/teach in order to maximize our students' learning.

2. What would like to keep from PD this year?

The time for small groups to collaborate as well as hearing from what other teachers are doing.

3. What would you like to see next year from PD?

Collaboration within each disciplinary group rather than inter-disciplinary group.

4. What questions do you have for QILT and/or what resources you need from QILT.

None at this time.