This group is made up of the following members:
Eric, Teresa, Judy, Mary, and Ben

May 12th

  1. How have you become a better teacher since the beginning of the year?
    More thoughtful of how big the little things are.

  2. What would like to keep from PD this year?
    The common folk presenters, and the small group meetings.

  3. What would you like to see next year from PD?
    be able to work with non-department people as well as with our department.

  4. What questions do you have for QILT and/or what resources you need from QILT.
    We covered to much material in our groups. Could we just focus on one topic at a time before moving on. WE WANT TO THANK THE QILT TEAM FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK!!!!

May 5th:

- We looked our Final exam and how much reading is involved with it.

- We looked at the local math assessment and when we will be giving it.

April 21st:

- We discussed how we currently get students to contribute to class discussions.

- We talked about how students do not read directions, even after giving the students instructions on how to read directions.

- We are looking at improving how we can get students to improve on their own questioning.

- We talked about how we can improve on our reactions to incorrect answers, and to work on wait time.